90 Day Of Build Groundwater Well ,House ,Gym Fish Pond And Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool
90 Day Of Build Groundwater Well ,House ,Gym Fish Pond And Millionaire Underground Swimming Pool

  • Wiffleball boys 5
    Wiffleball boys 5

    They probly bought the paint at the local Walmart

  • Wiffleball boys 5
    Wiffleball boys 5

    It's so annoying how they slap their faces with the water

  • nureo fokii
    nureo fokii

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  • zumak

    Это все конечно интересно и занимательно...но что они делают без бабы?

  • JamSiik Лол
    JamSiik Лол

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  • Joel Deoquino
    Joel Deoquino

    Respect the tree

  • Gamer 3.0
    Gamer 3.0

    Vilket land kommer ni ifrån.

  • Filip Novak
    Filip Novak


  • Lady Stacy
    Lady Stacy

    And if we have something else that would help with it then I’ll let her out when I’m done ✅ это Т9

  • Mariano Porcel
    Mariano Porcel

    Full Fake!!!

  • Jamaria Nicholson
    Jamaria Nicholson

    i think the building is awsome

  • Hunter Browning
    Hunter Browning

    They skipn leg day

  • Spencer McLemore
    Spencer McLemore


  • Mirella Coghetto
    Mirella Coghetto

    Só tem gringo nós comentários?

  • 天馬


  • Gaming World
    Gaming World

    Why? Why do you do this??!?? You have money to buy a camera start a channel edit videos than why do make such idiotic unfunny videos?? This can cause violence (And to all those experts who will ask me just STFU)!

  • layli bH
    layli bH

    wow . its so cool



  • Batu HAN
    Batu HAN

    90 günü 30 dakikaya sığdıran koca yürekli insanlar :DDD Translate turkısh

  • xin Zou
    xin Zou

    Wow this swimming pool is good great accident

  • sndoksdkkc

    naprawdę dovra robota:D

  • İsa Muxtarzadə
    İsa Muxtarzadə

    It is amazing

  • Alex Andersen
    Alex Andersen

    I will be glad, if these two men will build my "house of nature" in place like this one

  • طلال ابو جادو
    طلال ابو جادو

    حلو كثير مميز هذا الشيء

  • Andrea M Oviedo
    Andrea M Oviedo



    Научите меня

  • Максим Максим
    Максим Максим


  • Annamélia tv
    Annamélia tv

    Top ñ sei como eles conseguem construir

    • tyye

      Eu tbm

  • raiza albino raiza albino
    raiza albino raiza albino

    a question who is filming

  • Sidhu moosewala 5911
    Sidhu moosewala 5911


  • Raquel Da Silva Santos
    Raquel Da Silva Santos

    These guys are amazing, I love their videos

  • Gh Jhh
    Gh Jhh


  • Garbage Gamers
    Garbage Gamers

    #1 Rule of Minecraft, don’t dig straight down... them, NOPE ladder.

  • Crazy Fox
    Crazy Fox

    How he’s x2 have channel?

  • Jason

    If there ladder broke. How would of they gotten out the well

  • Jason

    I bet they would build me a in ground pool for a orange and bag of lays patato chips

  • Jason

    They build a whole house and eat like 6 grapes a day. How

    • Gh Jhh
      Gh Jhh


  • Все серии  Наруто🈯
    Все серии Наруто🈯

    Я ухожу из школы после 9-го класса Так же я:

  • sgad abw smahk
    sgad abw smahk


  • ???? Standoff 2 ✔️
    ???? Standoff 2 ✔️

    . ⬛ . ⬛ . ⬛ ⬛ . ⬛ ⬛ . ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ .

  • Sana omar
    Sana omar

    isnt water going to corrupt the sides of the well until it collapses ?

  • Alejandra Fuente
    Alejandra Fuente

    Que bellas casas

  • Lucas Said
    Lucas Said

    Quem for brasileiro deixa o like se não vou comer seu bilau

  • 가오나시

    설마 저걸 하루만에 다한거........?

  • Aubrey Smith
    Aubrey Smith

    STPO work again I’m a laugh at I’m gonna laugh at you owe a minute

  • Aubrey Smith
    Aubrey Smith

    I think 💭 was a good idea and he felt like he had

  • Aubrey Smith
    Aubrey Smith


  • Levi Arthur
    Levi Arthur

    Levi. Obrigada vc meu amor em casa e não consegui terminar

  • Mustafa Taşkaa
    Mustafa Taşkaa


  • Ngọc Huyền Lê Thị
    Ngọc Huyền Lê Thị


  • عبد الله المالكي
    عبد الله المالكي

    69اطقعجب7 آب الماضي.

    • عبد الله المالكي
      عبد الله المالكي

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  • eng ayat 💙
    eng ayat 💙

    والله عدكم خلك

  • Rafael Silveira
    Rafael Silveira

    Porque vocês sabem que sair existe essa coisa de treinar né José conhecia isso José nem José

  • Rafael Silveira
    Rafael Silveira

    Como vocês arranjam câmeras pra vós filmar?

    • Gh Jhh
      Gh Jhh


  • Rafael Silveira
    Rafael Silveira

    Como é que você já arranjou essas linhas como é que você já arranjou madeira como é que você já arranjou esses lugares os pais como você já transa maí no meio da mata quando você já arranjou um cara mora ué você já é mais um casa


    discord.gg/4hGdEACd come our discord server!



  • Brian Langley
    Brian Langley

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  • Niv NT
    Niv NT

    How about this ? jpthe.info/dron/bideo/tqiLu7F6mtCWq58

  • animes legais
    animes legais


  • Ceez B
    Ceez B

    One thing to remember is they live in the Amazon, where it rains a lot, where the soil is spongy & full of water... soil is soft & clay like. If they did this in California, Arizona, Texas their tools wouldn’t last a day. Bone dry soil in the southwestern USA.

  • Ceez B
    Ceez B

    I want to see an entire process of one of the things being sculpted. Other channels show every step, they don’t jump to the finished product. You always see the initial chipping away and then it jumps to the finished product. The edges look to be from modern equipment which is why I want to see the entire process for at least one of the things sculpted. I’m sure it would take a while so you can show the full process in high speed. I’m just curious how you can make some of these finishes look like you used modern equipment. Great technique.

  • Shawn McDowell
    Shawn McDowell

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  • Thebadest

    No average person in the uncle sam 🇺🇸 cant do this smh we to busy playing with our phones 🤦🏾

  • Kacper Roszkowski
    Kacper Roszkowski

    it no fisch is a axolotl 😉

  • biby TuberXD
    biby TuberXD


  • Maryamm

    я в 5 лет когда меня оставили с другом в песочнице

    • Лизуша

      Это точно

  • Samuel Mpofu
    Samuel Mpofu


  • Sadiki Martin
    Sadiki Martin

    It should have been underground

  • Sadiki Martin
    Sadiki Martin

    This is called hard work

  • Moon Gacha
    Moon Gacha

    Se está procurando algum BR,aq estou eu

  • روز لاند
    روز لاند

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    • 아싸라삐아

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  • Naziya 2823
    Naziya 2823

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  • Naziya 2823
    Naziya 2823

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  • Andrei Mariano
    Andrei Mariano

    Me and my friend is always watching this good job

  • Иван Журавлёв
    Иван Журавлёв

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  • 小寺清美


  • 강석준


  • Emre Mert KANAAT
    Emre Mert KANAAT

    👏👏👏👏 ❤️❤️❤️

  • King Starscream
    King Starscream

    Impressive but it seems like a waste of time. They have plumbing.

  • Ainsley Ferguson
    Ainsley Ferguson

    This is what I call " TEAMWORK "

  • Aroldo Filho
    Aroldo Filho

    Tem algum nordestino o brasileiro aqui

  • v balaji 0719
    v balaji 0719

    These are really millionaires with views and The soil is like clay there r literally making everything with it even they got cement like lining material in forest that making them to do

  • Nebudka OwO
    Nebudka OwO

    Minecraft in real life

  • ام علي
    ام علي

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  • ام علي
    ام علي


  • Şükriye Turan
    Şükriye Turan

    I'm so tired, I'm going to rest 8:40. 1-2-3 😅 They're crazy.

  • Sru B
    Sru B


  • tk tk
    tk tk

    + rep

  • Lisa Pennamacoor
    Lisa Pennamacoor

    Bobby and Poppy Swimming Pool 🏊‍♀️

  • Kim Michaud
    Kim Michaud

    the only thing that bothers me is that the water is dirty

  • ♡︎ pink girl cute kitty rainbow♡︎
    ♡︎ pink girl cute kitty rainbow♡︎

    I like it so much

  • My Phan
    My Phan

    They're seems talented

  • paola andrea villada montoya
    paola andrea villada montoya




  • Ahmet'le Değişik İşler
    Ahmet'le Değişik İşler

    I like dis videos

  • 이ᅵ주영


  • يس


  • Daniel Quispe C
    Daniel Quispe C

    Estos weones construyen en unos días lo que el gobierno hace en meses XD