Geoguessr - 20 Country Challenge - Attempt #5
My latest attempt at cracking 20. A friendly seed here today but with a couple of saucy guesses thrown in.
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  • Sammypop1

    I lived on that Cardiff road a few years ago! Finally!

  • Zarosian Ice
    Zarosian Ice

    the house in the distance screamed norway as soon as i saw it lol

  • icarothomas94

    8:28 best part

  • Rad Rhat
    Rad Rhat

    The free stew intrestingly open because liquid concordantly wrap save a adorable rice. secret, nervous net

  • cuck boi
    cuck boi

    binding of isaac geo

  • Mitch Collins
    Mitch Collins

    You effortlessly rip higher scores in diverse world not moving than I do in my home country exploring 20 some kilometers per round

  • L Haviland
    L Haviland

    Goodluck Jonathan is the president of Nigeria.

  • GroovingPict

    it's odd how one's own country looks immediately familiar without really being able to explain why. I knew instantly, as soon as the image came up, that the Norway one was Norway, before you even turned around or anything. And I dont really know why, it's just the side of a rock, it shouldnt be so distinctly Norwegian, but for some reason it is. Some pro tips for distinguishing between Norway and Sweden if youve narrowed it down to those two: Norway has yellow center stripes, Sweden has white. Those green license plates are uniquely Norwegian; it's a certain class of cars that can get those (they then pay lower fees etc). Signs with place names are usually all caps in Sweden, while in Norway it is usually capped initial letter with rest lower case.

  • CarolsKilljoy

    14:40 that’s actually a Fiat panda!

  • Michael DK
    Michael DK

    If you want to differentiate between Cambodian and Thai : Cambodian looks like GOTHIC Thai script. It's spikey and emo. Worry about Thai and Laos - you really have to focus on individual letters that are missing.

  • Kellen Curry
    Kellen Curry

    I'm obviously missing something because no one else has said anything but can someone explain to me the first Senegal guess, how did he differentiate it from other French speaking African countries? I've been enjoying his videos but this is the first time I've actually felt legitimately suspicious and I hate it. I have re-watched it and it just doesn't sit right, I hope I'm wrong.

  • Xavier B
    Xavier B

    You look like the main actor of Elementary, physically and mentally and I love it :D

  • magixx

    Ive been binge watching ur channel recently and i love how classically british u are

  • Daltyn Seibert
    Daltyn Seibert

    Nice record of 13 man!

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Brandon Son
    Brandon Son

    This nigga sees my house and I'm dead.

  • Orca

    Why does he mention the car following the google car? Is that because it's a dangerous country and needs backup or something?

  • Mondo Duke
    Mondo Duke

    I had one of these spawns earlier

  • Mapplio

    Got a country streak of 18 last week while trying to hit 20 before landing in an endless field in Mongolia, tears were almost shed

  • Mr Meseeks
    Mr Meseeks

    8:28 when u put it in the wrong hole

  • Kasz Mir
    Kasz Mir

    I was screaming Poland as soon as I saw those red poles at the side of the road - they're everywhere here.

  • Pedro Fava
    Pedro Fava

    22:20 ofc that counts, i heard the nights in lithuania are pretty dark

  • Henry Walton
    Henry Walton

    "Good old JC' 😂

  • tuco2k

    i recognised the second one in Cardiff straight away as its about 2 miles from where i live :)

  • Trending Now.
    Trending Now.

    Why do you always look up after pressing 'play next round' ?

  • Raoul Raoul
    Raoul Raoul

    I live in Romania and i recognised imediately the type of road/asphalt :)) Very good man!

    • _dragoman

      Our asphalt is unique ngl xd

  • Cybno

    Just to mention... Da is Yes in Romanian, not Russian. :”) lol

    • Renan Feliciano
      Renan Feliciano

      in russian too. but with cyliric alphabet

  • Stefan Op
    Stefan Op

    2:38 A mosque in the UK. That's sad...

  • Tolstoievsky

    Complete pitch darkness : Lithuania. Seems about right.

  • Martin Argotte
    Martin Argotte

    At 5:00 i swear ive driven on that road before haha instantly recognised it after i saw the mountains in the back. Right next to my dads town

  • jeeq

    18:05 good job and Sweden doesn't have any yellow coloured road lines just so you know! (And a different font on road signs edit: and only uses capital letters on the blue ones).

  • Vinter Loft
    Vinter Loft

    If you're clearly in Italy, but there are a bunch of French and German cars, go further north. Was screaming at you (although I guessed Lucca)

  • Valeria Vagapova
    Valeria Vagapova

    All other things aside, how he guesses cars is just beyond me lol!! 15:22 - WTF! I refuse to believe there isn't some dark magic involved

  • Matt Redman
    Matt Redman

    Caroguessr anyone?

  • Reeng Lackb
    Reeng Lackb

    da да

  • Turboblitz2511

    13:10 Am I the only one recognizing Poland by their huge ass extension (I think digital?) antennas on their car? 2 cars had those. At least in Germany you often see polish cars with this extra antenna

  • Karin Ritter
    Karin Ritter

    Mensch ey jetzt guckt die Rittern hier och zu

  • Nicke Manarin
    Nicke Manarin

    4:55 Looks like a sugar cane plantation.

  • Tom B
    Tom B

    Cambonian (or Khmer)has bolder and larger font usually Hard to explain really but this is a good comparison:

  • Coff80

    Green license plates are always Norway. They're used for not only big cars, but automobiles registered as a 2- or 3 seater van with a boot of a certain volume, and less allowed total weight of 3500 kgs. They can be the obvious vans such as VW Transporter, Ford Transit, Merc Sprinter, but also larger estates or minivans such as some Volvos, the VW Touran, Ford S-max, and also pizza carriers such as Peugeot Partner/Citr Berlingo, Renault Kangoo etc.

  • Sam M.
    Sam M.

    My logic for the Poland one went - northernish part of Europe based on cars, EU based on license plate, former Eastern bloc based on concrete poles above railway, road markers are unusually red/white so maybe Poland or Latvia's flag colors? And I don't think Latvia has those markers.

  • PlutonosVEt

    9:10 Дааа

  • Stuart Culshaw
    Stuart Culshaw

    Drinking Game Correct Guess - Take a drink Tom changes his mind to a different continent - Take a drink Tom attempts local accent to see if it fits with a sign - Take a drink Colour of that post should tell me but I have no idea - Take a drink "Squiggles" - Take a drink Fiat - Take a drink "Am I recording?" - Down your drink Insane Guess - Down you drink

  • Asidey

    You are crazy. 😂 Bhutan just out of nowhere! 🇧🇹

  • ThePoohat

    you can always tell australia by gum trees. they are pretty unique to here, and, a dead giveaway. when european settlers first came here, they had never seen anything similar, and the old paintings by colonial artists just had european trees painted in there place.

  • Jannerd 81
    Jannerd 81

    Me: I think I'm good at geography. This guy: Based on that cow sign and the redness of the highway markers I'm going for Romania.

  • M0jibake

    On the Nigeria one you looked at the location where you guessed not the flag marker

  • pinkii06

    Me: caga pasada.. hmm maybe Mexico? Geowizard: it’s not Mexico Me: *oh*

  • zAsKaA

    imagine needing a camera to locate urself, couldnt be me

  • theWhispergames

    I think your luck had enough after the Norway guess 😁 As a Swede I can tell you for future rounds: The green number plate thing on bigger vehicles is only in Norway, not Sweden. I don't think they have it in any other Scandinavian country either, but I may be wrong. Also, to my knowledge, all road lines in Sweden are white. No yellow in the middle. Great content as always! 👍

  • S. A. Imad
    S. A. Imad

    Does anyone know how he decides the hemisphere based on the sun?

    • Liam Martin
      Liam Martin

      if the sun is far in the north, you are in the south. if the sun is far in the south you are in the north.

  • Berten

    Love this content, also you're Sherlock Holmes!

  • Poke_noob

    “French and Africa, has to be Senegal” there is literally an African nation with a French name, Côte d’Iviore

  • Forcefield23

    Pine pine piney pine

  • Bless

    im assuming it wasnt malicious but the more important ones comment (correct me if i took it wrong) was a little disparaging to hear. still loved the vid !

  • Khari Douglas
    Khari Douglas


  • a buncha witches at the stripclub
    a buncha witches at the stripclub

    fuck it was so insane seeing a street from dubbo, where my family comes from. i was scoffing at the screen like lmao looks like lakeland drive in dubbo and it FUCKNG WAS. i nearly shat myself

  • Harry Puchalski
    Harry Puchalski

    I have no idea why I enjoy this so much lol. Keep doing your thing lad.

  • Nona

    Seeing all the comments about Goodluck Jonathan I had to google, his wife's name is *Patience Jonathan* lol

  • alexdino1396

    didnt know bhutan had signs with romanized script

  • bi compton
    bi compton

    i drove past the cambodian sign once!

  • Henrik Nesje
    Henrik Nesje

    In Norway; a vehicle with green carsigns means 2 or 3 seats. So they are usually "workcars" and transporters ish

  • Mr. Memes
    Mr. Memes

    "Cant be South Africa because This house would be fortified with fences" You Are Right there. Jy is reg daar xD

    • Jean-Stephen Joubert
      Jean-Stephen Joubert


  • cayden kolsnes
    cayden kolsnes

    And also btw, swedish road signs use capital letters only.

  • cayden kolsnes
    cayden kolsnes

    If its Scandinavia, yellow centerline on roads means its Norway. Also, Sweden has dashed edgelines.

  • KBeazy_30

    How do you distinguish Senegal from something like Haiti which is french speaking and looks very similar. That's what I thought it was.

  • Коста Гаћина
    Коста Гаћина


  • Brad Griffin
    Brad Griffin

    13:05. All of the cars you described can be found on roads in Australia. Granted, maybe not the norm to have all brands in a group, but yeah. Anyway ,I dabbled in geocaching and the Munzee thing. I'm intrigued by this Gmap searching game but the site is a bit strict. One game every 24 hours? I understand the server load but hey, that's cruel. However, I see a great educational value in this type of game. Oh, I subbed, because I'm a map geek. I reread my comment and realized that my comment about the cars may have appeared as a slight against your sleuthing skills. No, I know we drive on a different side of the road. It was more a comment on the globalisation of the car industry LOL.

    • Asidey

      GeoGuessr has been shit these last years unless you pay for their service. It used to be great.

  • meandnature

    Hey, the green car lisence plates in Norway are for cargo cars/vans/pickuptrucks.

  • Ben

    Without moving

  • JV the Tossh
    JV the Tossh

    Ah, helps knowing some political history there. Goodluck Jonathan was elected president of, indeed, Nigeria, in the mid-2000s. Got that right away based of that.

  • J68 J68
    J68 J68 You did good with Galtland. Tips - Norway has green car signs for "working vans" or small lorries, when you have room for tools/cargo and max 2 passengers. They also use small letters for blue roadsigns, whereas Sweden always use big letters for blue signs. So - Galteland is in Norway (also green sign visible on the van), if it was GALTELAND it could be Sweden. Yellow stripes on the road is usually not used a all in Sweden, unless you have a temporary lane due to roadworks.

  • LordBhorak

    That Abeokuta round you actually checked your own guess instead of the correct location, which was more south near Lagos. 😅

  • Tristan Deppisch
    Tristan Deppisch

    This guy is a mad lad cutie

  • Bram Copermans
    Bram Copermans

    20:53 wow! I could've sworn that said "Galteland" instead of "Gartland" on the map! I thought you had it haha!

  • Vis Major
    Vis Major

    Distant car: hmm..that could be a Fiat Panda. Next, Fiat Panda right in front of him; I don't know what that is lads

  • Marcus Thorén
    Marcus Thorén

    The yellow lines doesn't exist at all in Sweden.

  • William Essery
    William Essery

    Why is it never in the US?

  • Mason

    Imagine this guy gets kidnapped, and he’s just like “I’m just west of Dubai!”

    • Johannes Askehov
      Johannes Askehov

      Hahaha, I imagine that they’re trying to get information from him but he’s completely caught up in trying to guess where he is.

    • SinisterPledge

      Damn that cracked me up good!

  • Reggie Gutierrez
    Reggie Gutierrez

    If you are worried about people accusing you of cheating then you obviously must be cheating. STFU and make your money.

  • Paolo4288

    GeoWizard has got me saying "GET IN" all the time now

    • Codrin N
      Codrin N

      That's a very gay thing to say

  • Youtube Commenter
    Youtube Commenter

    The best format. Good score man.

  • kasamikona

    Damn, that Cardiff one looked incredibly familiar, turns out that's the specific building I study in at uni.

  • # World of Gabriel
    # World of Gabriel

    Pretty sure the green car in the 10th (Poland) is a Daewoo Tico

  • Istvan Kreisz
    Istvan Kreisz

    hey fellow geography nerds! 😁I'm an indie developer and I made a game which can be best described as a multiplayer version of GeoGuessr (which I'm a big fan of). In you "hide" somewhere in the world and the other players have to guess where you are based on the street view images. If you like GeoGuessr you'll definitely enjoy this one! any feedback is appreciated 🙏

  • eastportland

    i suppose it must have been the middle of the night in a remote part of Lithuania. ;)

  • LinkStorm13

    admit it.... You wouldnt have gotten lithuania right anyway, so it's just fair that you lost the next round

  • SanjuNair

    Can you now believe he did that

  • Olsnes

    18:49: Green plates means the car was registered as a work vehicle, which means a lot less tax. The main criterias are a sizable trunk and only one row of seats. So you could register a Hummer on green plates, but not a Ferrari. In reality 9/10 cars with green plates will be vans, while some will be bigger off-road cars. I'm not sure if there are green plates in any other countries in Northern Europe, but I can't think of any. You may also like to know that Denmark has almost exactly the same system - but with yellow plates with red borders. (someone has already mentioned the yellow road markings, which is the most obvious tell)

  • Toby Inei
    Toby Inei

    *Sees tree* Hmmm yes must be Seychelles

  • Der Nudelvertilger Wolf
    Der Nudelvertilger Wolf

    There is a Country streak mode on Geoguessr now...

  • McLovin


  • BriocheWindows

    You can set the game to no moving now.

  • Zackary Simmons
    Zackary Simmons

    Do you play for Everton FC? There’s a Tom Davies that’s a midfielder!

  • Bob Vlamings
    Bob Vlamings

    Next time you are in doubt whether you are Italy, check if the licence plates have a blue bar on the right. I think only Italy and France have that!

  • Kevin Croner
    Kevin Croner

    Happy 30th!

  • cake dubs
    cake dubs


  • Paloma Muñoz
    Paloma Muñoz

    What did you meaaan when you said “i wish they’d do more important stuff” 6:19 Because same

  • filipb1001

    Only yellow lines at roadworks and no green plates in Sweden. At least as far as I know as a Swede.

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho

    *looks at a car a billion miles away* "That's a Fiat panda" *Stares at a huge Fiat Panda right on the screen* "I don't even know what that is"

    • Pro-11 - Brawl Stars
      Pro-11 - Brawl Stars

      He works in mysterious ways

    • Half_Finis