How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251
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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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    • Johnny's Videos
      Johnny's Videos

      What resin and orientation did you use to make the electrolysis thing?

    • majormastrsss

      @SmarterEveryDay hello I love your vids

    • Corey Jenson
      Corey Jenson

      You think those candles are crazy, look at the old school Navy shipboard fire fighting OBA's.

    • Electronic Chronic
      Electronic Chronic

      I assume they pre heat the rich amine so the boiler shock doesn't occur!

    • RobertMStahl

      Micro balance equations R different from macro. Only a difference makes a difference, bud. I got nuttin out of the scale of materials needed, per person, 4 eXample.

  • Salvatore UR
    Salvatore UR

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  • Keep Technic
    Keep Technic

    What app do you use for the animations?

  • Luke McCord
    Luke McCord

    Destin not realizing he just taught us how to make a self-oxidizing firr

  • Kevin Y
    Kevin Y

    The amount of times he asked “Can you show me” makes it sound like he’s a spy, lol. But so glad they did though. I learned a lot 🙂

  • kwinzman

    Using BTU as a unit of power. That's so wrong.

  • jw van liere
    jw van liere

    so why arent we doing this in space u can basicly live in a spaceship

  • Paul O'Sullivan
    Paul O'Sullivan

    19:29 I was very interested in how he decides if there is a problem with the 02 not rising quickly enough, do they have a chart they refer too or is it intuitive? Would have liked to have heard more about that but it was an interesting video none-the-less.

  • Ray Wood
    Ray Wood

    Let's light this candle!

  • Nico Garcia
    Nico Garcia

    3:53 but can it play crisis

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe

    how did the first subs do it

  • Kaylee Gallisdorfer
    Kaylee Gallisdorfer

    Not just the spouses complain about the amine smell. Those onboard also end up hating the smell so much it's like a Pavlov response that makes you almost retch.

  • Cobra Llama
    Cobra Llama

    That's a good question. There are predetermined ways to signal the "safe word" without actually being able to say it. So, the dom would know what to look for and once the sub gives the signal, the dom stops choking them. Hope this helps!

  • conka096

    I just assumed the people were really good at holding their breath

  • memairport1

    Even more did Apollo astronauts have enough oxygen for their long trip and, even more so, breath oxygen for so long on the latter missions with Eva's of 8 hours? Rebreather equipment?

    • memairport1

      P.S. I believe they did it...just curious how it was done.

  • Chris R.
    Chris R.

    how did the Germans figure this out in 1917

  • Dizzle

    6th grade science DOING ELECTROLOSIS?? NO! I was in Honors AND gifted/ap throughout highschool and never saw ANY of that... So was my school stupid or is this the norm???!!

  • vikingskuld

    Awesome this is some thing I wondered about for a while now.

  • DNA iQ Sound Labs, LLC
    DNA iQ Sound Labs, LLC

    How is sewage handle on the submarine? When I worked on an offshore production platform the process was electrolysis that turned the sewage into calcium and then dumped it into the ocean.

  • Erti

    ok but that ohio guy is austin right...

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    "The smoking lamp is lit". USS Henry Clay SSBN 625 Gold Crew.

  • RTY Media
    RTY Media

    They keep farting that’s why!.

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi

      wonder what they do with the spent candles

  • Chandni Mehek
    Chandni Mehek


  • Simon Tracer
    Simon Tracer

    It has to seem obvious to most people. But I have to ask why would they not use plants? Or do they and how limited are plants at helping the oxygen situation? My guess is not very helpful and the requirements would be fast compared to the size of the submarine and the amount of work they would need to do but I'm curious about what it would take for the submarine to be able to use plants instead

  • Treebler

    Mir Incident: On February 24, 1997, six crew members on Space Station Mir faced significant danger when fire ignited in the solid fuel oxygen generator. The searing flame, which erupted from a fuel cartridge, cut off access to one of two Soyuz escape capsules. The module’s narrow space made it difficult to fight the fire, but with teamwork and composure, the crew prevailed. Although the incident would raise tensions between the teams on the ground and on orbit, both sides would learn valuable lessons applicable to the design of the joint U.S.-Russian International Space Station.

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart

    Petty Officer working... Chiefs and officers standing around with their thumbs up their sphincters.

  • Salvatore UR
    Salvatore UR

    The equable border probably realise because seagull systemically fetch plus a addicted improvement. unusual, warm golf

  • Nathaniel B.
    Nathaniel B.

    thanks brother - neat vid

  • snowf00t

    So we’re going to be checking cams? 😳

  • BoltGoesPro

    check enacfire fam ive used em for years, water proof, and better and only $35 lmao

  • Paelorian

    Cool! So the only consumables we need to breathe outside of Earth's atmosphere, besides equipment, are water and electricity/energy. Water can give us oxygen and hydrogen (which can be used as fuel to generate more power), MEA equipment can continuously remove carbon dioxide as long as it's powered. And there are unpowered chemical backups that can be held in storage for emergencies or if machines break down and need repairs. Add nutrients for plant life that can be recycled from waste, and you'll also have the basic materials needed to farm crops and live indefinitely if you have the right equipment and can maintain it. With these clever technologies, with common basic elements consumed by the right machines humanity could settle outer space! Water is abundant and so are sources of energy: nuclear, solar, and often heat and wind. Submarines are pioneering artificial atmosphere technology!

  • The NEW Iain Mackenzie.
    The NEW Iain Mackenzie.

    Hey its me, welcome back to more depressed everyday lolol

  • Sebastian Franco
    Sebastian Franco

    Oxigen not included

  • Dmitri

    Bill Nye for adults

  • See Saw
    See Saw

    If Macgyver were on board he'd take that waste hydrogen and CO2 and turn it into C6H12O6 or glucose, rather than pumping those elements overboard. Nothing gets wasted.

  • Bidens Harris
    Bidens Harris

    If you dislike this I will take your job “Biden’s harrissss the 2nd

  • Barton Archuleta
    Barton Archuleta

    It’s not impossible for submarines to surface under the ice. Submarines pretty regularly break through the ice

  • Nimbus Shadow-Wings
    Nimbus Shadow-Wings

    wonder what they do with the spent candles

  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong

    Is that not all classified? Some soldier was jailed for taking one photo.

  • R Mitchell
    R Mitchell

    Great video

  • Based God
    Based God

    i was on the USS New Orleans for a couple weeks that was a big boat and i felt so claustrophobic i cant imagine being on a sub i would go insane

  • mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)
    mEdnAzz (mijkolsmith)

    That was very educational thanks

  • Versatile Faerie
    Versatile Faerie

    "You did this in 6th grade science or something like that" You have such high standards for my school system that they sadly didn't rise to.

  • Tontowi Prasetyo
    Tontowi Prasetyo

    Cheaper alternative: bring plants

  • Ron Ngyen
    Ron Ngyen

    Creepy robot reflection at 3:52 in the background. Looks like the robot from Zathura.

  • Chase

    I love how he introduced the dog and not the human attached to the dog.

  • Elektrokinesis

    imagine shooting all this video on a submarine and waiting months for the government to clear this dude to upload video

  • Finn Cashman
    Finn Cashman

    Bruh how did you get on a nuclear submarine in the first place? Like how, can do it idk

  • Michael Lawlor
    Michael Lawlor

    So I'm doing a school project on how to control CO2 emissions and I can't tell you how much this helped. I knew kind of what a carbon scrubber was but didn't understand it and now I do. Thanks a bunch!

  • E Lye
    E Lye

    You seem to do a lot on submarines. Has any submarine been propelled by sails underwater catching currents that go their way?

  • Silvex _YT
    Silvex _YT

    4:56 we not gonna talk about him lol

  • J Perez
    J Perez

    the only primitive science in the submarine is the use the English system of units. omg

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin

    Im guessing these Oxygen Candles are similar to how the emergency oxygen is made on Aircraft.

  • MegadethTillDeth

    Thank God for these people.

  • Jon Rayner
    Jon Rayner

    What other by-products does the oxygen candle produce? Just oxy? If more, what happens to the other?

  • Joseph Milford
    Joseph Milford

    You know what I'd like to see? A room full of the 1.1k people who downvoted this. I'm just so curious what it'd look like.

  • John Princler
    John Princler

    Destin, you never disappoint.

  • Danny Chariot
    Danny Chariot

    anyone else reading the subtitles? "laughs like a man who has accidentally touched hot things in the past" omg XD

  • no ka
    no ka

    Is it because they are filming youtube video? I just noticed the guy explaining the candles has a nice hair

  • Jay Corrales
    Jay Corrales

    How are they letting you view and record this information about a classified military vessel, and why are you posting this on YT?

  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien

    I thought Dow said that they used the pressure of the depth to push the CO2 out. But the pressure would seem to keep it in.

  • Arthur Moorhead
    Arthur Moorhead

    why does this feel like the mythbusters?

  • cat -.-
    cat -.-

    All I can think of watching this video is pink sus

  • Gaius van Baelsar
    Gaius van Baelsar

    kewl! sub oxygen candles are actually really big hot hands

  • Spencer Smith
    Spencer Smith

    Hey destin I have a video idea for you... I think you should do a video of how a radar gun works. I was just thinking so maybe people will agree please think about the idea and I will keep looking on you channel. Thanks!

  • Michael B. Titman
    Michael B. Titman

    I’m curious at how the first iterations of submarines found solutions to these problems.

  • jeremy dutton
    jeremy dutton

    Yoooooooo i went to high school with Dows wife small world lol

  • Lea Tex
    Lea Tex

    I supose there are some other details, because air contains just 21% of oxigen. We breath air (a mix of gasses) not only O2. Pure O2 is toxic for humans. Sure there may be some procedure to get pure air with the correct mix. It's much more than oxigen. I imagine a submarine as a big SCUBA diving aire tank. Anyway, great video like all others! Thanks for sharing.

  • Linux Ninja
    Linux Ninja

    A bit of advice: Learn the Navy ratings. And don't call the Petty Officers "Sir". Knowing which ratings are doing which job is informative.

  • William Jemeyson
    William Jemeyson

    “Where you from?” “Ohio” “Oh...”

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg

    SmartEveryDay is Russian spy. Mission accomplished

  • sammy_1_1

    Good thing he didnt sabotage O2...(for legal reasons, that's a joke)

  • denysost

    Hmmm. Isn’t this like... classified? 🤨😅

  • Joshua Keough
    Joshua Keough

    Use plants very good source of o2 and takes co2

  • Zash Masters
    Zash Masters

    Who is at CAMS? Cyan is sus.

  • André Graça
    André Graça

    I can't understand a lot of what that Dow dude is saying :/

  • Antonio Castro
    Antonio Castro

    But if you burn 24 candles in a day, I guess you don't have much storage room in a Sub for candles so how many days can you stay submerged....

  • vipul chauhan
    vipul chauhan

    Hii sirrrr I want to start technical channel in yt Which topic I have to start with?

    • vipul chauhan
      vipul chauhan

      In hindi (indian languages

  • Wendy Jenkins
    Wendy Jenkins

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  • Tyler Schlauger
    Tyler Schlauger

    Thanks for the content. Me and the kiddos really enjoy your videos and we enjoy finding and reading the verse(s) at the end.

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh

    Didnt know Austin Evans works on a sub

  • linkin543210

    So many awkward moments...



  • Micheal Perez
    Micheal Perez

    “Where you from?” ...”Ohio.” ...”OH”

  • Andy P
    Andy P

    wow, a half an hour? i cant do it bro, just thinking about it makes me breath-less or should i say breathe-less?

  • Keith Stewart
    Keith Stewart

    Idiot question here Destin, Are these people breathing [near] pure O2 ? Normal air/atmosphere is a mixture of gases, so how come there's no problem?

  • Lucas M
    Lucas M

    Plants: Am I a joke to you?

  • on braod
    on braod


  • Zemlak Ismael
    Zemlak Ismael

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  • Kevin Suarez
    Kevin Suarez

    my son wanted to kno, he went to find out. I like that.

  • big d
    big d

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  • Ricardo Gobin
    Ricardo Gobin

    There's a scripture about creation at the end of every video. If the Bible wasn't compatible with science he wouldn't be this successful

  • carl rosenbaum
    carl rosenbaum

    How do they remember all of this to the point of explaining it all??? Lol

  • crfl2080

    "There's a lot of stuff on the screen right now, and that's kind of how that happens" Thats gotta be my favorite SmarterEveryDay explanation ever.

  • Edward Warwick
    Edward Warwick

    Why don't they put screen doors on subs?

  • I dont wanna use my name
    I dont wanna use my name

    Only someone named DOW would be from ohio

  • texasslinglead somtingwong
    texasslinglead somtingwong

    Why is oxygen periodically added ?

  • Jim Chavez
    Jim Chavez

    deep dive, i see what you did

  • chillzy l
    chillzy l

    alternate title: Nickeh30 teaches us about submarines

  • Armando Diaz
    Armando Diaz

    Wow I can't believer they let you film in there. I was forced to delete a selfie I took while touring a sub. 👀👍