Meatpacking: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
The pandemic has thrown into high relief some of the longstanding issues surrounding working conditions in meatpacking facilities. John Oliver explains why greater oversight is needed, and how we can go about getting it.
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  • Rofhiwa Tshikonelo
    Rofhiwa Tshikonelo

    Capitalism... Another way of saying slavery.

  • aka__Pro.


  • Ahopek

    Considering that those factory workers are working with a growing medium (dead animal) that can foster all manner of compromising microbes without having an immune system to keep such growth in check, I don't think the social distancing is even the biggest problem at those plants. Those poor humans are exposed to untold potential for illness every day which can put their immune systems in overdrive, making any one illness that much more difficult fight. Add deplorable working conditions and shoulder to shoulder constant contact and you have a multi-species petri dish that the CEOs must be thrilled to keep under wraps for the massive profit margin it gets to keep.

  • DarthJay 92
    DarthJay 92

    Cargill is horrible work place. Hate everyday im there

  • Maru Nylos
    Maru Nylos

    would've loved hearing him say "they need a fucking exorcist" at the guinea pig part, maybe next time


    Herkese merhaba kısa videolara devam ediyorum takip etmeye devam edin kanala bekliyorum sürprizler var acele edin youtube için değişiklik olsun

  • gixxer6000

    I don't want to see how they pack the meat I want to see how it looks like in the butcher factorys where all that meat is coming from. Make a video about that, because if this is how corporations handle their staff think about how they must handle the animals.

  • Simon says :
    Simon says :

    You idiots are gonna be eating roaches soon

  • Delia Moran
    Delia Moran

    I thought meat packing factories were one of the first to unionize?

  • Joe Corbett
    Joe Corbett

    The Muckraker

  • João Paulo Hoppe
    João Paulo Hoppe

    It really baffles me that some guy can go out of his way to order building a statue of himself reading a Bible, and so much don’t give a flying fuck about welfare, explicitly exploiting his workers. On a second thought, it doesn’t baffle too much. One wonders what passage he’s reading.

  • Zwodo

    The situation in meat packing factories over here in Germany is similarly gruesome from what I've heard. Extremely disturbing stuff and unbelievable this goes on in one of our main food industries of everyday life.

  • FiejxM

    Corona is fine

  • Abel Abel
    Abel Abel

    Go vegan, people

  • Robert Roney
    Robert Roney

    Just got done with a workers comp case and man I got literally 1/20 of my injury has cost me out of pocket. Companies are cheap and should be held to a higher standard for sure! (Not meatplant worker, Truck driver coincidentally picking up at Purdue farms when injured)

  • georg walt
    georg walt

    jim perdue watched too much monty python

  • liza french
    liza french

    don't all workers wear masks, goggles, gloves, etc why did the virus spread so much?


    How could this happen in the country, that "beated slavery"?

  • Sarah Jo
    Sarah Jo

    I stopped buying meat after I finally learned the tricks of how to make really good plant-based meat alternatives (like seitan chicken, wheat bacon, TVP burgers, etc). I'm not even vegetarian, but the food tastes great, my family likes it, the ingredients are usually shelf-stable, they're less expensive than real meat, and I at least know I'm not helping to support a disgusting and corrupt meat industry.


    If only education and accessibility to the social safety was common in US...

  • Nerio Cepeda
    Nerio Cepeda

    Only John can make me get pissed at meatpacking.

  • Ahopek

    Go vegan for the welfare of people, if for no other reason. 💚😥 There is no stronger message you can send an industry than to stop giving them your time, attention, and money.

  • Ink and Dew
    Ink and Dew

    I don’t get why they don’t just replace the employees with robots. I mean it’s just repetitive movement.

    • Fred Alfredo
      Fred Alfredo

      It's repetitive but it's still a bit complex, robots capable of doing it it's not cost effective, especially considering the quantity necessary.

  • DaydreamerWonderland

    Stop eating animals.

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming


  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson

    Do you think the show used to be funnier? Maybe it's harder without a live audience.

  • R&A

    *podpiska koment laike*


    And another thing they do to keep you from reporting injuries is purposefully employ junkies and other drug users and then threaten to drug test them if you try to report an injury

  • Weigner Leigner
    Weigner Leigner

    Ah liberals, full of hate envy and resentment.

    • Abel Abel
      Abel Abel


  • Maxime Anselot
    Maxime Anselot

    You're losing your edge Oliver

  • Himerope

    I think I got the real problem. It is the letter "T". The german aquivalent to Tyson is called "Tönnies". Same stories, same problems. We should ban names with the letter T!

  • John Miller
    John Miller

    Charles Dickens would find all this very familiar...

  • meow kitty
    meow kitty

    Smithfield Foods was a big player in this issue, my local town had the largest outbreak in the state for the entire year solely due to our plant housing an utterly enormous amount of our minority population in the city. Give them makeshift and unregulated masks, lie about ventilation (their air conditioning/vents were not functioning properly), then put them back together less than a foot apart. It really is easy to run a business when your employees are not fluent with your language, right? There needs to be a new Accroaching-Hitler law.

  • vanumoti rased
    vanumoti rased

    The onerous kite roughly cheer because tooth extragingivally twist after a sordid continent. uninterested, rainy hood

  • RealBenda

    Money is the only thing that matters to the CEOs. Stop eating meat, stop funding these exploitative assholes. Even if you don't care about the animals, you should care about the people.

  • Steve Wang
    Steve Wang

    Let me tell you why: because in this country, corporations are the real ones in-charge, they decide who are the government officials including the highest office. shouldn't expect anyone's pet to regulate their owners.

  • Aaron Geisel
    Aaron Geisel

    Yet another Last Week Tonight that makes me glad to be vegan. That's two in a row!

  • RaiStorM RS
    RaiStorM RS

    its just one of the extremes, we have here in europe as well but as one manager here stated, if they make it safer and/or pay workers better, they wont meet their revenue growth targets, when ask about those, he explained they are set to satisfy the shareholders. in other words, as long as managers are more afraid of explaining things to shareholders than anything, nothing is going to change.

  • Mister Resister
    Mister Resister

    Why is everyone so goddamned offended by everything these days?! I bet all the people who made the covid bets at the Tyson plant were all long time friends and co-workers and they all probably thought none of them would have any serious complications if they got it. No doubt this bet/pool was done in anything but the light of fun. And people who are completely unaffected by it are going to get all butt hurt. Please, humanity is circling the shitter for sure.

  • PoweringNotion ж
    PoweringNotion ж

    This is like Sunday with Lubach

  • Eszter Papp
    Eszter Papp

    There's a very good Richard Linklater movie about this called 'Fast Food Nation'. It was made in 2006...

  • Bigshott

    Oliver is an expert at "Meat Packing".

  • TexasFriedCriminal

    Hm... just in general, why is it legal to sign away your rights? There is no good reason for this to be possible. Its only use is abuse.

  • Manjunatha Prabhu
    Manjunatha Prabhu

    That exercise video rubbed salt on the wounds,great directing


    Smithfield meats is also awful, people would get sick, test positive for COVID-19 and then come back less than a week later, the work conditions are awful, the area for about a mile around the plant smells so good awful that it’s a surprise it hasn’t been shut down, there’s no communication at all between anyone. This is all at their main plant in Smithfield, Va. I’m speaking from personal experience and anecdotal evidence from my old coworkers


      Yeah you don’t get bathroom breaks either

  • Sjoerd van Wijngaarden
    Sjoerd van Wijngaarden

    The US is morally bankrupt. I don’t get why people keep voting for politicians who want to perpetuate this situation. I’m glad I’m living in socialist Europe. Won’t claim everything is fine over here, but at least we’re taking human dignity a bit more serious.

    • Sjoerd van Wijngaarden
      Sjoerd van Wijngaarden

      @Abel Abel you can find various degrees of socialism in Europe. Especially when it comes to labour laws and health care EU countries are more socialistic than the US. I understand for many Americans socialism is some evil residue from communist Soviet Russia, but that’s a complete misunderstanding of what it actually is, or at least what you can find in Europe.

    • Abel Abel
      Abel Abel

      Where is there socialism in Europe though?

  • Pinned by Youtube
    Pinned by Youtube

    Im just glad he doesnt talk about Trump every show anymore

  • LucaWo _
    LucaWo _

    Bet you didnt notice that he sits at a glass table

  • Smart Dulu
    Smart Dulu

    i like it 0:55

  • Yannick

    who is Judy Dench?

  • Bel H.
    Bel H.

    Here in Germany a company for meat packing also did really less to nothing to protect their workers who are mostly from the balkan countries. They live in miserable houses, the hygiene measures are low. All these conditions were publicly made when the pandemic hit. This problem is a systematic one. All over the world.

  • Wrenchin Gear
    Wrenchin Gear

    John Oliver should mention the connections to capitalism, wage labour and the profit motiv more. It's like he always has great analysis about the facts and backgrounds of attrocious conditions in america, but then fails to find the obvious link.

  • R. Marie Mouton
    R. Marie Mouton

    001 American People do your RESEARCH. Be objective and listen to all News and all other platforms. You will see the truth. Wake up Americans!!! I believed in Democrat, then I started doing my own Research because the main News Media, I noticed they were lying repeating the same stuff to push the narrative and agendas. Talk is cheap, Research and correct knowledge is priceless. I was born into a Democratic family I choose now as an Adult and My Own Person. AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST!!!🇨🇱🇺🇸👍

  • Baird

    It's good to know that John has put his big nose into our food

  • ketaki joshi
    ketaki joshi

    That's an amazing segment...but to change the subject completely, I miss his checkers shirts☺

  • Smart Pindah
    Smart Pindah

    i like it 0:55

  • The M.D Show
    The M.D Show

    Go Vegan

  • Vilma Danker
    Vilma Danker

    Вот именно с этой статьи начинаю читать этот блог. Плюс один подписчик 🙂

  • _ genova
    _ genova

    Who tryna pack my meat? Yah!!!! Sorry continue with what you where doing

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    committing the atrocities.

  • Angui Sánchez
    Angui Sánchez

  • Michelle Blessing
    Michelle Blessing

    Vegan 9 years to hell with the lot of them.

  • Sheila Bush
    Sheila Bush

    OMG!!! This story makes me sick. I feel like the luckiest person not working at a meat plant.

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi

      a human right and hence more important than the human rights of workers that aren't even German.

  • CatholicSatan

    _Twenty years ago_ "Fast Food Nation" showed the same problems. _Nothing_ has changed, in fact, it's probably got worse. The US food processing industry is an embarrassment.

  • samlerf

    Thanks for not talking about how dems promised 2000 dollars and then went down to 1'400 as soon as they won Georgia. Thanks for not talking about how the Biden administration continues to work towards a coup in Venezuela. Thanks for not talking about how they are in fact not stopping america's aid to the crimes of Saudi arabia in Yemen.

  • Romi Bajwa
    Romi Bajwa

    🐔 Kukri Farm

  • John Pappan
    John Pappan

    Synthetic meat for all!

  • Nicole Reyes
    Nicole Reyes

    C cc

  • Netflix Kituwe
    Netflix Kituwe

    i like it 0:55

  • Pakku creation
    Pakku creation

  • Syed Hamza Tariq Bokhari
    Syed Hamza Tariq Bokhari

    Every day we realize how white privilege is engrained in our society. White people working corporate and office jobs meanwhile the colored people get exploited.

  • RS F
    RS F

    Powerful, as always.

  • WillTell

    And you, John, not so long ago became a citizen of that country! LOL

  • 刘翔

    ah, now the show is back to talking about stuff no one cares about. good to see a return to normality

  • Ricky Hall
    Ricky Hall

    Not funny. John Oliver is almost worse than the South African who's name is escaping me.

  • WNBC Duit
    WNBC Duit

    i like it 0:55

  • Brian Vasquez
    Brian Vasquez

    Oh yeah i forgot to mention that i was slamming heroin everyday and nobody gave a fuck the i was cutting slippery pork on a band saw at break neck speeds. That would include the usda inspector and plant mngr.

  • Ce1es

    Usually I watch this from the other side of the Atlantic and think, "Well, that's America for you". However the Covid crisis uncovered some heavy shit in Germany regarding meatpackers as well: they're being imported from Eastern Europe, housed nearly as inhumane as the the animals they disjoint and unsurprisingly this was one of the first hotspots, then again and again. Because the owners of that company is best buddies with the minister president of that federal state. And we need our cheap BBQ meat, that is a human right and hence more important than the human rights of workers that aren't even German.

  • OsnoF

    I'm not surprised about hearing shit like this. Is that ok???

  • Erhardt

    Welcome to America 🇺🇸 Where MONEY 💰 rules and only if you are rich, you are truly blessed 😂

  • April Hook
    April Hook

    The Greeley JBS meet packing plant has always been the most dangerous place to work in that town. Everyone knows it but it's one of Greeley's main sources of revenue and production so officials turn their eyes away from all the violations agents humanity there. I have had family who worked in the plant it has always been terrible. I trained to work at rhe plant for two weeks and as soon as I had a job offer else where I quit.

  • Mihai Dracului
    Mihai Dracului

    How can anyone expect that workers get better treatment than the “treatment” of the animals on the conveyor belt?

  • Come with me if you want to lift
    Come with me if you want to lift

    Fun fact about meatpacking : The word "short" is longer than word "long"

  • Zorenai

    Clicking on this video like "Yes, John, please ruin my day!" :D

  • Aries

    When a company keeps saying they are a family RUN. I hope those workers get justice.

  • RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer
    RandomNexus ThatSillyFiccer

    "I consider our workers like family" is BS-Speak for "I want to look good on TV, watch me act like I give a sh!t about these peons". Also: Yes, Dame Judi is the epitome of talent and class, wrapped up in a glittering mist of awesome that we can only aspire to. Well done, John. ^5

  • Spartan

    If John Oliver and others like him and before stop reporting this shit, I will lose hope

  • FOX Wae
    FOX Wae

    i like it 0:55

  • skarpio2000

    Now who is going to call them out for their human rights violations? They police the world now who will police them?

  • Nudel Suppe
    Nudel Suppe

    Interesting to see that you have exactly the same problems as us in Germany.

  • OttoIsMyBuddha

    Cannot get over how the people in the meatpacking icon are dressed like eggs ...

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman

    Holy shit, OSHA needs to have some sharp and deadly fangs to deal with this crap.

  • Artem Priadko
    Artem Priadko

    #FreeSternenko #СвободуСтерненку От і все. Ця влада зламалась, треба нову. Треба йти під АП

  • Mayn 90's
    Mayn 90's

    4:16 he says that's fast . Where I work they hang anywhere from 60-90 a minute by themselves. Absurd

  • Ned Lowe
    Ned Lowe


  • Aither

    Do not like meat industry? What you can do is use less meat, and the industry will feel every bit of it. Just to remind: 1) A good portion of cooked meat is about 80g/meal, to target to ~20g of protein per meal. 2) Avoid processed red meat. If possible, eat red meat/red meat products 700g/week (500g cooked) or less to lower your chance of intestinal cancer. 3) If you feel adventurous, try out vegan protein sources for fun on some of your meals! There's a good chance there are good ready to use beans, seitan (wheat protein) or bean products at your well equipped food markets that you'll like! If you need help, join a (unhealthy- , if possible :D ) vegan food oriented facebook group and ask/seek there (tell you want easy and quick to use alternatives for meat, or search the group to find these)! Use the enthusiasm of the vegans to help you!

  • Mo Shalawi
    Mo Shalawi

    Repeat this wonderful and magical mantra: F*** capitalism. F*** corporate greed.

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton

    This is one of the less worrying things happening in the world tbh compared to most of the other subject matters that John Oliver covers 🧐

  • VH1 Nundutan
    VH1 Nundutan

    i like it 0:55

  • Josh Dunigan
    Josh Dunigan

    If employees in the trenches for the average Fortune 500 knew the kind of stuff that went down at corporate HQs they would shit a brick. One particular healthcare company I worked at used to let us off for half a day on Fridays (after I left they gave corporate employees unlimited PTO) and would essentially give us unlimited bar tabs through the company itself and/or vendors once a month or so while nurses and doctors were deep in the shit (literally sometimes).